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Frequent questions

How can I "Making Cash"?
"Making cash" is known to know how much has been invoiced in a day. It is usually performed at the end of the working day. To do this, go to the menu option "Sales> Invoices", select "Today" and click the "PDF" or "Excel" button in the "Period" filter. A summary of everything billed in the day will be generated, including the tax breakdown and the total amount invoiced.
Can I know the total invoiced and the tax breakdown applied on my invoices in a given period?
Of course. To do this, go to the menu option "Sales> Invoices", select the desired dates for the search in the filter and press the "PDF" or "Excel" button. A summary of everything billed between the selected dates including the tax breakdown and the total invoiced amount will be generated.

This also applies to budgets, proforma invoices, delivery notes, expenses and other income.
Can I share my invoices so that my financial agency can access them directly?
Sharing your invoices with your financial agency is very simple and useful, both for you and your agency. Simply go to the menu option "Settings> Share with Agency" and set the email address of your Agency.
Can I configure the format of the documents (invoices, budgets etc ...)? Can I have several types of Series and Counters? Can I configure the counters?
FacturasCLOUD is designed to be completely flexible to configure the document formatting and creating various kind of Series and Counters. For all this management you have to access the menu option "Configuration> Numbering and Format" and in the top several tabs are available:

In This section configures the numbering of documents in a completely flexible way through different fields that allows you to set in which order you want the different elements (Series, Counter, Year in Progress, Month in Progress or a Custom Field) to appear. For example, if we had these values: Series = "P-", Numerical Counter = "505", Month in Progress = "01", Year in Progress = "2017", it could be configured, for example, the following: 505 / 01-2017, P-012017/505, 01-2017-P-505 etc ...

Series and Counters
In this section you can configure as many Series as you like for each kind of document (Invoices, Invoices, Proforma Invoices, Budgets, Delivery Notes). This means that if you have, for example, two clients and each of them wants to invoice them with a different series (Customer 1: F1-xxx, Client 2: F2-xxx), the system allows you to do so.
For each series you can set the text string ("F-", "P-", "FR-" ...), whether or not it is the default series for each document type, the value Of the counters of the current and previous year, if the counter is restarted with the change of year and in such case, at what value begins said counter.
I make invoices with products that have different kind of tax. Is it possible to make these types of invoices in FacturasCLOUD?
Yes it is possible. To have products with several taxes, you must set up a template to contain as many columns as you need.

The steps you have to take to add these taxes are as follows:
  1. Access the menu option "Settings > Templates".
  2. Click on the "New Template" button that is available in the bottom of the screen.
  3. In the form that appears, you will be able to add as many taxes as you want and their default values. In addition, you can indicate whether you want the tax to be global to the entire invoice or to appear as a column in the detail lines of the invoice.
  4. If you select to have the tax appear as a column in the detail lines of the invoice, it will automatically be included in the column list at the bottom of the screen where you can change its order.
  5. Once you save the template, you will have it already accessible from the invoices form for your use.
The format of my invoices is not the same for all my clients. Can I configure several types of invoices?
Yes. You can create different templates for clients that require it and, at the time of making the invoices, you must select the template that corresponds to each client. This configuration and creation of templates is done from the menu option "Configuration> Templates".
The design of my invoices does not fit with any of the ones you provide in FacturasCLOUD. Can you adapt to my design?
Yes we can, but this adaptation entails a specific programming, with which it has an associated cost. In this sense we offer two modalities to pay for these works:
  1. We assume the cost completely from FacturasCLOUD and you pay nothing. If you want this modality, you will have to grant us the image rights of your design, as well as the possibility that any other user of FacturasCLOUD can use that design within the system completely free of charge.
  2. We send you a personalized budget and you assume the cost. In this case FacturasCLOUD will not have any right on this design and only you can enjoy it within the system.

For more information on this section, please contact us.
I can not remember my password, what can I do?
Do not worry, to recover your password you have to access the "LOGIN" option located at the top of the screen and press the "I forgot my password" button. This way you can create a new access password.
Where are my data stored? Is it safe?
The data is stored in "the cloud", that is, in a "Data Center" with high security servers where they are backed up every day. In addition, your data will travel encrypted over the internet using the secure https protocol between your computer and destination server so nobody can read them.
I would like making invoices in other language, is it possible?
Of course, you simply have to go to the "Settings> Adapt Language" menu option. This form shows all the words that exist in the invoices that are generated, therefore, changing here the language of all the words will also change in your new invoices (only in the invoices generated from this moment, the previous ones would be with the previous language, although if you want them to adapt to the new language, you simply have to edit them and generate them again).
This functionality is useful also in case you want to change a word such as "Municipality" by "Locality", etc.
I would like to have a copy of my invoices at home, can I export my invoices?
Of course, you have to access the menu option "Settings> Export Data" and select the dates between which you want the export. Not only can you export your invoices, but also the other types of documents, customers, Products and Services, Expenses and Other Income.