Make any type of document with our tool FacturasCLOUD.

Program to make any type of online payment document

If you need a different type of document than our online billing program offers by default (Invoices, Proforma Invoices, Budgets, Receipts) our billing software allows you to change the name of the default documents by one customized by you.

This functionality allows for example that, if you want to make a note instead of a receipt, you can change the name to the receipt document and change it by note, from that moment on all the sites where the application showed you receipt will show you a note and as a result the resulting document will also be a note.

How to make a document different from the default with our online billing program FacturasCLOUD?

FacturasCLOUD as the name suggests, is a program for making invoices online, but in addition to this feature and main functionality, FacturasCLOUD can also be considered as a program to make any type of document since it allows in an easy and simple way to change the name of the documents that our default has billing software.

From FacturasCLOUD we hope this information has been useful to you and that our online billing program fits the needs of your company.