Do you want to know what we can do for your business?

We know that controlling the invoicing of a company is a complicated task that can take a long time. Here we tell you how Facturas Cloud can help you in your day to day.

We try to make your life simpler and more productive.

How can I be in control of my business?

All your information in one place

Different types of documents
Invoices, budgets, delivery notes, proforma invoices, receipts and expenses.

Clients and suppliers.
You can give your clients access to the system so that they can consult their documents. Also, you will find out when they read them.

Products and services
Do you have enough units available? Now you can also have the stock control of all your products and services, and customize their price and taxes per customer.

Having all the centralized information will allow you to speed up the creation of your documents.

Without losing detail to your accounts

Collections and payments
You will be able to write down both the charges that customers make to you, as well as the payments you make to your suppliers. You will know at all times what collections and payments are pending or have expired.

Bank reconciliation
You will have the possibility to register all the movements as if you were a bank and compare them with those of your real bank.

And all with the best reports

So that you are aware of the evolution of your business, you will have dashboards and reports with the information that interests you:

  • Economic evolution.
  • Profits obtained.
  • Collections and Payments.
  • Cash flow.
  • Tax summary.
  • Sales and purchases by product or service.
  • Operations carried out.

How can I optimize my time and be more productive?

Save time creating your documents

Create and send automatic invoices
Thanks to the periodic invoicing we will do the repetitive work for you.

You will create a new invoice by copying an existing one in a couple of clicks.

You can create your own templates. The information from this template will be used automatically in your new documents: Payment method, legal conditions, taxes, graphic aspect, etc.

Automatic numbering and unlimited series
You will not search again to find out what the last invoice you made is. In addition, you will have as many series as you need, each one with its own independent numbering.

And what about the turn of the year? You decide what to do. Do you want the numbering to be restarted or to continue the previous year?

Massive operations

We know that your time is money and that is why we give you the possibility of carrying out massive operations. These are some examples:

  • Create an invoice from multiple delivery notes.
  • Send in a single e-mail all the estimates that a client has requested.
  • Mark as collected all the invoices that you have been paid in the last month.
  • Download the last quarter delivery notes in PDF.
  • Mark as accepted all the quotes from the last week that your clients have hired you.

Reduce procedures with your agency

How much time do you invest in sending all your documentation to the agency?
Document scans, paper prints, e-mail shipments or even trips to the office.

You will be able to save all those procedures and dedicate more time to what matters, your business.

And how can you do it?

You just have to enter the email of your agency. They will receive access to Facturas Cloud from where they can see your invoices and expenses to include them in the statements. Once done, they can mark them as processed and you will be informed of everything.

I need absolute flexibility, can you provide it?

We are convinced that one of the advantages of an online invoicing software it is precisely this, that you have the possibility to use it whenever you need it, at any time and from any device.

To make your work as easy as possible, you also have the Android App available. You can perform the same operations as with the web from your mobile phone or tablet.

Companies, Users and Profiles
You will be able to manage all your companies and users from a single account, each of them with their own profile (Administrator, Consultant, Employee etc.). You will also have the ability to create custom profiles.

We miss the opportunity and control your company at all times.


Can I offer my clients a professional image?

You will have the possibility to configure a multitude of parameters to adjust the format and design of your documents. You will project the professional image you deserve adapted to your business brand.

What can you configure?

  • Graphic appearance: logo, colors, font, font size, page size (A4, 80mm), margins, background image etc.
  • Format of the numbering of your documents. How is the numbering of your documents? F-0001/2020? Or maybe F0000001-20? You decide how you want the system to work.
  • Multi-currency. You can use the currency you need. The whole program automatically starts working with that currency.
  • In what language do you want your customers to receive the invoice data? You can also configure it as you need.

I want to take away my worries, can you help me?

One of our main objectives with this online billing software is to eliminate concerns that do not add value to your business . Questions like:

  • "My computer does not start How long does it take the technician to come to my office to be able to bill?".
  • "My computer's operating system has been updated and the billing program no longer works for me".
  • "I have lost all my customer information because the hard drive has crashed".
  • "A virus has encrypted all the files on my computer".

will disappear from your life forever.

How do we do it?

All your data in a secure system (HTTPS).

We make daily backups of all your information. Have you mistakenly deleted a document? Don't worry, we get it back.

Regular updates
We periodically incorporate new functionalities to the service. We also ensure that the versions and security patches of the servers are updated.

And if you have any questions or problems? We are at your disposal through online chat or by e-mail.

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