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This privacy policy establishes the way in which they will be managed personal data on this website. It is imperative that you read and accept it before to continue browsing.

Facturas Cloud is a project of Digital Cloud S.L. with NIF B01826569 whose company name is at Calle Fernando VI Nº-17, 1º Izquierda, 28004, Madrid, Spain.

Facturas Cloud is responsible for the collection, processing and the use of personal data according to the protection legislation of data, specifically, the General Data Protection Regulation ("RGPD").

You, the client, according to the General Protection Regulation Data ("RGPD") you are the "responsible for treatment" of the personal data that you enter in our platform and Facturas Cloud, the service provider is the "data processor" in your name. We only use your data in compliance with the legislation protection of relevant data. If you have any questions regarding to this privacy policy you can contact us through from our email

With this Data Privacy Statement we want to inform you what personal data is collected and saved when you visit our website or use our services offered on the website. In addition, you will receive information about how we use your data and what rights you have regarding the use of them.


To protect them, all data you provide us is encrypted in accordance with the security protocol TLS (Transport Layer Security). TLS is a protocol safe and proven that is used, for example, for online banking. You can identify the TLS connection, for example, by looking at the "s" after the "http" in the url displayed in your browser (https: // ..) or from the lock icon displayed on the tab browser.

We also take technical and organizational security measures adequate to protect your data against random or deliberate manipulation, partial or total losses, destruction and / or unauthorized access. To avoid data loss, we store data periodically in an off-site backup. Your password is stored through a secure encrypted process. We will never ask you for your password, neither by email nor by phone. If you forget your password, we can reset it for you. We continually improve our security measures depending on technological development.

The personal data we collect is stored in a secure environment within of the EU and are treated confidentially. Access to this information is limited to Facturas Cloud employees. We comply, in everything moment, with the legislative requirements of data protection.

We do our best to protect your data, but we cannot guarantee the security of your data when you transfer it over the Internet. When this happens, there is a certain risk that others may access your data illegally. In other words, when transferring data over the internet, you assume responsibility for their security as the data controller of data.


a) If you visit our website

You can visit the Facturas Cloud website without revealing your identity. Your browser only sends information - which is collected automatically - to the servers of our website. This information is stored temporarily in a log file (logfile). This is the information which is automatically collected and stored until deleted, also automatic:

IP address of the requesting computer.
Date and time of access.
Name and URL of the data entered.
Website, where the access comes from (referrer URL).
Use browser and, if necessary, the operating system of your computer, as well as the name of your access provider.
This data is collected and processed to make the use of our site possible. web (connection establishment), in order to guarantee security and the stability of our system, as well as for the administration network infrastructure technique. Said data does not offer us any information that can identify you personally.

In addition, we use cookies, as well as analysis tools and web marketing. You can find more information about this topic below in the COOKIES section.

b) If you access from our test user

On our website we offer an online test user with some restrictions in the service (invoices cannot be created in the user's name and they cannot to send e-mails). The purpose of this functionality is to that you can test our application without having to enter any personal data. However, it is not mandatory to enter any personal data does not exempt you from entering them if you wish during the tests what you do.

The data you enter in the test user profile is not used for nothing, also the accounts created with the test users are they delete from the database very frequently.

c) If you register in our online services

We offer online billing services on our website. For To use these services, you must first register. When you register, you must enter an email address, password, the name of your company and the country; in this way, you can create a account with us and log in.

To fully use our services, you may need to enter more personal information. For example, to create a legal invoice, you need to enter the address, invoice number and payment information, etc.

We also use your name and your contact details with the following purpose:

To find out who our contracting party is.
For the justification, structure, processing and change of the relationship contractual with you about the use of our services.
To verify the plausibility of the information entered.
To contact you, if necessary.

d) Client, supplier, advisor and team

With our services, you can enter third party data, allow access from third parties to your account. Of course, we also respect privacy of third-party data, which we can access through the use of the service we offer you.

According to our Terms and Conditions, you have no right to share your access data with third parties and you are obliged to process said data with due care. In addition, you are responsible for the data of third parties that you enter in Facturas Cloud. Please note that we do not have any capacity on compliance with security and data protection regulations outside of our website, the Facturas Cloud application or the services provided for us. In the cases described, you or the third party to whom you have granted access to your data you are responsible.

e) Advertising of clients and businesses that use Facturas Cloud

On our website we offer the possibility for clients to advertise their business in the public part of the web so that it is visible and accessible by any anonymous visitor of the same. In order to do so, the client must give their express consent to carry out this publication and you can also enter information regarding the web page, contact e-mail, logo, title, detailed description, sector and country of origin of your business.

The client will be responsible for all the information that he enters about his business and visible in this public part of the website.

In the event that a client enters any type of illegal, inappropriate, incorrect, false or abusive information, Facturas Cloud reserves the right to delete it without prior notice.


We transmit or allow access to your personal data to third parties if we you request, for example, when you send an invoice online or share your invoices with an agency, only if you have given your consent explicit or if there are legislative obligations to do so.

No transfer of personal data to third parties is made with others purposes. Your data is not disclosed to any third party without your permission; unless that a court requires its delivery, and when it does so only to the extent necessary.

Facturas Cloud reserves the right to share data within its own projects or companies, present or future as required, to provide you services.

By registering in Facturas Cloud, you consent to the processing of your data. You also give your explicit consent to share your data with third parties when necessary to offer you our service, such as sending an invoice by email or sharing your invoices with your agency.

You have the right to withdraw, at any time, your consent to the processing and / or sharing of your data, either by closing your account, which has immediate effect, or by contacting us to request closing, so that we do it as soon as possible. Once finished your relationship with Facturas Cloud, we only keep the minimum data that we must maintain to comply with all legal requirements, and only for the minimum period required.

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, or If you wish to request access to your data, you can contact us Through our email

If you are not satisfied, you have the right to file a complaint with the corresponding data protection authority. Facturas Cloud will cooperate fully with any such investigation and will endeavor for satisfying all inquiries as completely as possible. The relevant authority for each country can be found on the site European Commission website:


Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small files that are automatically created in your browser and stored on your device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit a page. Cookies do not harm your device and do not contain viruses, trojans, or other malicious software.

Cookies store information related to your device. Now well, this does not mean that we receive any detailed knowledge of your identity.

To know exactly which cookies we use please read our Cookies Policy.


You have the right to information about personal data that we store and the right to correct or amend incorrect data, as well as to block it and delete them.

As a data controller, you are responsible for the content you post. You have right to rectify, block or delete, at any time, any of your data. We can remove content that you have posted at your request, but we maintain our right not to remove content that is already published or that we must maintain to comply with certain legal requirements.

To obtain information about your personal data, for correction of erroneous data or for the blocking or deletion of data, as well as for other questions about the use of your personal data, send an email to

In addition, you can view and change the data that is stored in your account by logging into our website with your access data. You may delete your account data at all times. This can be done by the use of the corresponding option in your account. We warn that if you delete your data, you will not be able to use our service in full or at all.


This Data Privacy Statement is now in effect and is last updated in August 2020.

Due to the further development of the website, the Facturas Cloud application, or any other Facturas Cloud service, or due to changes in requirements legal or regulatory, this Privacy Statement of Data may need to be modified in the future. Our Privacy Statement Data can be accessed and printed at any time on our website

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