Manage your invoices...

An online billing system fully adapted to the needs of self employed and SME's.

Access all your information (invoices, budgets, contacts etc ...) from any site with internet access and any device (computer, mobile or tablet). This service is designed so you can use it regardless of your schedule, location and electronic media.
All your data is in the "cloud", which allows you to have absolute guarantee that you will never lose any information. In addition, FacturasCLOUD every day execute automatic processes to backup to prevent any loss of information.
We have put special emphasis on the usability of the system so that it is easy to learn and easy to use.
All kind of documents you can manage (invoices, budgets, delivery notes, etc.) are customizable in several ways:
  • Several designs are available
  • Possibility to create Templates with different types of taxes, retentions and customizable fields
  • Color selection
  • Logo of your company
  • Series and counters. For each type of document you can have several series and counters that will allow you to quickly and automatically manage the numbering of all of them.
  • Language
  • Currency
  • Etc ...
    Optimization of time
Using this service provides several advantages that will optimize your daily work:
  • You can share all the documents with your finantial agency through the platform.
  • Search and quickly find all your documents.
  • You will not have to send more mails to your customers, the service will do everything for you.
Use a single system to centralize all your information: documents, customers, suppliers.
We have a support that will attend all your queries in less than 24 hours.