FacturasCLOUD is your online
billing system

A unique solution and adapted
to your needs

Safe, accessible, simple and
fully configurable

Save time and
reduce your daily efforts...

...no matter where you are. All your
data always available


Access to FacturasCLOUD from anywhere with internet access, at any time and from any device (mobile, tablet, computer etc ...)

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The data are stored in the "cloud" and periodic backups are made so you do not have to worry about where you saved your invoices. You will never lose them again.

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Complete and personalized configuration of your invoices: your company logos, color, document structure, custom fields and taxes, etc ...

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Optimization of time...

Share the invoices with your financial agency to speed up your administrative matters. Once you have given access to your agency, you do not have to do anything else.

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Online Billing Program

The invoicing program of FacturasCLOUD is a billing tool in the cloud adapted to all types of companies. An online billing software that has many advantages over traditional billing methods, among which are:

  • Invoices are accessible at all times and from any device.
  • The data remains stored in the cloud, fully protected and preventing lost documents.
  • It allows a flexible and personalized configuration with the possibility to choose several designs, create templates with different types of taxes, select the color, include logos, manage series and counters, include different languages ​​and currencies, etc ...
  • It allows to share the information with the manager directly.
  • In addition to standard invoices, you can make proforma invoices, budgets, delivery notes, referrals, manage orders, receipts, tickets and other documents related to your economic activity, without changing tools and with the possibility of storing all the information in a billing program In the 100% secure cloud.
  • Our goal is that our customers can perform fast and efficient. We achieve it with a personalized billing program, capable of performing all types of functions in an automatic and individualized way.
  • For companies operating in international markets, FacturasCLOUD generates invoices and other documents in several languages, in addition to include international currencies and adjust to all types of tax rates.
  • This online billing software has been created for people who do not have the time or lack deep knowledge of software management, therefore, its operation is as simple as effective.

There are no two companies alike, so it is important to work with customized tools, which suit your business needs.