Make your receipts online with total security.

Online receipt program

A program to make receipts is very useful for all types of companies. Making receipts online allows you to work with default models, which only need to add specific data of the operation, in addition, the online software to make receipts automatically saves each of the receipts of your company, so that you and your manager can have them at all times. If you need a program to make payment receipts customized for your company, in FacturasCLOUD we propose software, in which you can also manage your invoicing.

How to make a receipt note with our online billing program FacturasCLOUD?

Making a receipt is as simple as following these simple steps:

  1. Once you have registered and already have a username and password, log in to your private account and access the menu option "Sales > Receipts" from the top menu.

  1. You will see the list of existing receipts and at the bottom of the screen you will have available a toolbar in which you must choose the "New Receipt" button.

  1. You will access to a form where you can create a new receipt. This form allows you, among other things, to select the customer, set the products and services you want to add in the receipt detail, add comments before and after the receipt detail (this is very useful to enter any data in the receipt such as account number to which the payment, the various forms of payment available, etc.). In short, you can add in an easy, simple and flexible all the necessary data for the correct completion of the receipt.

  1. Once the receipt is saved, it is stored in the system so that it can be consulted whenever necessary from the menu item "Sales > Receipts".

From FacturasCLOUD we hope that this information has been useful and that our online billing program is adapted to the needs of your company.